Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Favorite Homemaking Apps

When I last blogged here, two years ago, I had no idea what an app was. Of course, I had heard people talking about apps in relation to i-whatevers, and I kind of looked down my nose at all the Apple devices because I thought they were too expensive. They're still too expensive, but one day my husband brought home an iPod touch
 . . . and I was hooked. He bought me one shortly thereafter, and I quickly learned what apps were and began using them myself.

It didn't take me long to begin looking for apps to help the homemaker with scheduling and housework. I discovered two apps that I love and use: Home Routines and Cozi . . .

Home Routines - This app easily integrates lists from such home-organizing structures as FlyLady, Organized Home, Totally Together Journal, and Brain on Paper. I use it to keep my FlyLady zones in order and running smoothly. You can follow daily and weekly routines, give yourself a daily focus, add to-do lists for today, this week, and later, and review your day to see how much you got done. This will show you how silly I can be, but I really love to see all those items with stars by them before I go to bed, and I love seeing how many tasks I got done that day. Crazy, I know, but apparently giving myself stars works for me! At $3.99, it's cheaper than when I bought it earlier this year, and I feel it's well worth the price!


Cozi - A free online calendar and app with a shared calendar, to-do lists, shopping list, and family journal. This one is great for busy families! I haven't used the app extensively, but I do like the shared calendar, which makes scheduling easy for each member of the family. The family journal is nice too. The online calendar, journal, etc., are accessible by your entire family, so each person can check to see what's coming up and schedule accordingly. And the Cozi app is free. Nice!

Have you discovered any apps that are great for homemakers? Feel free to share them in the comments or via email!

Disclosure: With the exception of the iPod touch*, I have not been compensated by anyone affiliated with either of these apps or any company or system mentioned in this post. These are my own opinions and suggestions only!

*The link to the iPod touch is an affiliate link through Amazon.com, which allows me to earn an advertising fee when someone orders an item through a link listed on my blog.

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