Friday, May 01, 2009

Are You Bored?

I found a book recently that caught my attention, The Country Life Book of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. I've always had an interest in Britain's royal family, and I've especially admired the Queen Mother (who is now deceased) because of her charm, warmth, and dignity, so this book sparked my interest right away. As I was reading about her early life, the author was relating information about the Queen Mother's own mother, pictured on the right in 1923, who was apparently quite an amazing woman. She used to tell her children,
"Life is for living and working at. If you find anything or anybody a bore, the fault is in yourself."
What a lesson to us in these days! The Queen Mother was born in 1900, almost 109 years ago, yet her mother's words are still applicable today. If I find life boring, or the people around me boring, it's not their fault; it is mine!

Are you bored today? Get up and live! Work at finding interesting things to do. Look at your children. They are definitely not boring! Look around your home at all the little things you could do to make it a haven for your family, no matter what kind of house you live in. Think about the meals you cook - all the possibilities before you in making a variety of meals for your family. Refuse to be bored; learn to be content. Be thankful for all the interesting things and people in your life!

"Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice . . . for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Philippians 4:4,11
Photo courtesy of Life; permission granted for personal, non-commercial use.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, thanks for the reminder.
I have been trying to sort stuff out here......may put our home on the market. Not sure yet. Pray you are having a wonderful Memorial Day. We don't celebrate today but have ANZAC Day in April to remember those who gave their lives ofr our country and Australia.
bless you,
hugs Sandra nz

A Joyful Chaos said...

What great advice! thanks for sharing.

brooke said...

Truly useful stuff.


Jack said...

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Gaetano Tufolo said...

nice advice, i really like it

if we believe that life is boring then we will be bored

if we believe that life is funny than we will have fun

it's important to not understimate the power of convinctions

(sorry for my english)

soggibottom said...

My mum met the Queen Mother once.
When she worked at a school, my mum, not the Queen mother.
Along the long line of people the Queen Mum chatted to everyone, she shook hands with my mum. Might have been because my mum was at the end of the line.
Also because unlike the rest of the line my mum hadn't dressed in her best clothes, only her working ones :-) x x x

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Barbara said...

Yes amen, what ever state I am therewith be content, that takes a long time to learn this, and once learned it is a blessing for life, God always wants us to be happy in where he puts us, and if we are, we are blessed. Hugs Barbara

Barbara said...

Well no, I do not have time to be bored, qwe stay so busy I hardly can blog any more, but I would love a day where I could be bored, but thinking my lord will not let that happen, ever since we said, here am I send me Lord, he has, and we are happy that he is able to use two old folks like us, thank God for his longsuffering, and grace. Hugs and Prayers, Barbara