Thursday, October 09, 2008

How Did You Do Today?

The first half of my day was a wash. I got online to just "check a few things" and before I knew it I was playing some more Mah Jong that I started last night. How does that happen?! That a rhetorical question! I know very well what happens! It all starts with "just a minute . . ." and ends with "it's WHAT time?"

I need to make some rules for my computer usage, especially in the morning. I've actually had some in the past, but one or another of them get pushed aside when I'm doing something that is necessary, like helping my husband with church correspondence, and then I go right back to just checking . . . and it snowballs on me.

I thought of a few rules I've had or have seen others mention. Feel free to add what has helped you practice self-control with the computer.
  • No Bible - No Computer
  • The computer doesn't come on till after breakfast is cleaned up, or better yet, until my planned cleanup for the day is done.
  • Answer email once or twice a day and close it out for the rest of the day.
  • Put your computer in sleep mode or turn it off completely till I get my work done or until a certain time.
  • Read and/or write blog posts for a limited amount of time each day.
  • Have designated times to be online.
  • Limit games to a certain amount of rounds or time.
  • Turn off the computer at a certain time.
The second half of my day was better. I chopped the veggies and chicken for a stir-fry for dinner, separated and froze the meat I bought last night, straightened the living room for Bible study tonight, cleared my desk (it was very cluttered), and did some grading for school.

My husband and I will be at a couples' retreat tomorrow and Saturday, so I will be getting things done - focusing on my marriage! :) I always need whatever is taught on at these retreats. We have a great marriage, but there's always room for making it even better. See you the first of next week!


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Oh boy... you are spot on again! The "rules" you listed for computer usage are excellent; I need to adopt those. It's so easy to let computer time get out of hand! This isn't a rule to add to the list, but someone told me something once that has stuck with me... When you're at the computer, your back is to your family. ~not exactly the way I want them to remember me!

Debbie J. said...

Susan, I don't where the time goes when I'm on the computer. I start to just check email, etc. and when I look at the clock 3/4 hour has already gone by!

I like your computer rules too!

Lesa said...

Great rules! It is so easy to spend too much time online. I use my timer on a day to day basis for computer time, and my Flylady doll sits beside my computer with her finger pointing at me.
Wednesday is my desk day, so after my morning routine, the menu/grocery plan, bills & checkbook/, and other daily stuff, I reward myself with however much computer time I want.
Love your blog, by the way. Very inspirational.