Friday, August 01, 2008

The Time Zone Thing

A couple of you mentioned in the comments on this week's post on getting FlyLady's emails that they never arrived at the right time for your time zone. Have you checked the time zone feature on your Yahoo account? You can set your time zone for the area where you live - anywhere in the world - and I think that your emails will be delivered according to your time zone once you set it to the correct one.

First, go to your Yahoo home page. On your Account Information page, the Member Information section has an area with your time zone in it. If it is not set to the correct time zone, click on Edit and use the drop-down menu to choose your correct time zone. For example, mine is -8, which means it is 8 hours behind GMT - Pacific Time. Every time zone in the world is available, so everyone should be able to set the correct zone.

Once you set the correct time zone, you should get FlyLady's emails at the correct time for where you live. I won't guarantee it, but it works for me!

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