Sunday, August 03, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - August 4

This is an exciting week for us! Our older son is a student at West Coast Baptist College. Every summer, singing groups from the college travel all over the US and parts of Canada promoting the college in local churches. Sam, who finished his freshman year in May, was chosen to travel with one of the groups, and his group will be with our church next Sunday for our Friend Day. The five boys and their chaperon and his wife will arrive at our house Saturday afternoon, so I get to feed them Saturday night's supper and Sunday morning's breakfast, and we're having a potluck after the morning service for Sunday dinner. Lots of work, but lots more joy in having our son with us for the weekend!

Here's our menu for this week . . .

B: Bacon & eggs, bagel
L: Leftover casserole, corn, Ranch-style beans
S: Tuna salad

B: Eggs, bagel
L: Salmon patties, creamed potatoes, corn
S: Chef's Salad

B: French toast, bacon
L: Beans & Rice, fried zucchini, cornbread
S: Tuna salad

B: Bacon, eggs, toast
L: Parmesan Chicken, rice, ranch-style beans, rolls
S: Leftovers

B: Oatmeal w/nuts and cream
L: Homemade Pizza
S: Grilled cheese sandwich, chips, fruit

B: Eggs & cheese on English muffin
L: Sandwich, chips, fruit
S: Meat Kabobs (not a recipe), potatoes, baked beans

B: Pancakes, sausage patties
L: Potluck - Egg Noodle Lasagna, Chicken Potpie, Homemade Banana Pudding
S: Burgers/Leftovers

For over 200 more menu plans, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Vanessa said...

The egg noodle lasagna looks for tempting! It'll be a nice change for our traditional lasagna.

Nichole said...

My, you're going to have a full house! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Susan said...

Vanessa, we love the Egg Noodle Lasagna, and it's good for a Sunday dinner and/or potluck because it's so easy to assemble and cook.

Nichole, yes it will be a full house, but one that I'm looking forward to - we'll have our boy here!