Monday, August 04, 2008

Keepin' It Real

Here are a few pics of how our home looks today, after a week of being away and a weekend of ministry work. Just keepin' it real for ya!

The bed is made, but there's laundry from Friday still waiting to be put away and baskets bought at the Dollar Store this morning waiting to be filled.

Our chest of drawers, or dresser, as my husband calls it, holding my tangled mass of necklaces that I hurriedly pawed through before church Sunday morning, plus various items of my husband's. That deodorant ran out on me this morning.

My sewing area, right outside my bedroom door. This area is on the stair landing; everyone has to pass by this mess to get to their bedrooms and the bathroom.

Last but not least is my desk. It is almost always like this. Can you say "hot spot?" This is one of those areas that I have to consciously pay attention to, or it gets like this. Yes, that is a pregnancy book on top of my desk. No, it is not for me.

So there you have it. FlyBaby for eight years, still flappin' around trying to get it all together. Just keepin' it real.
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Tori said...

This was fun! I'm glad your "keeping it real" I think that's important to your readers. BTW, your mess really isn't too messy!

Debbie J. said...

I'm so glad my sewing area isn't the only one! There's just no way to sew neatly! Yours doesn't look that bad. When I am sewing a lot I scatter it through about 3 rooms. LOL.

Susan said...

Tori, if you could be in the midst of my mess, you'd know how messy it is! I do feel it's important to be real. I love FlyLady and have been doing it for years, but I'm not a model FlyBaby by any stretch of the imagination. It's more like she has kept me from getting really bad, rather than making me the perfect housekeeper.

Debbie, I agree - there is no way to sew neatly. At least not for me. I do end up with stuff everywhere. This stuff is on the stair landing upstairs, but I also take things in my bedroom and I cut out my patterns on the dining room table downstairs. Plus I set up the ironing board in this landing too. Horrible when I'm in the mdist of a project! It's a whole-house effort, for sure!

Bren said...

I did not see anything too bad. All could be spotless in that 15 minute sweep. Once the bed is made, it is all down hill! Keep us inspired!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for 'keeping it real'! (o:

Susan said...

Bren, my bed is the "shiny sink" of the bedroom. If the bed is made, everything else almost (almost!) falls in place. And I did take a few minutes to run through my hot spots this morning. I have pictures to share!

Michele, I have to keep it real, 'cause I don't have it all together! My family would be saying, "Hey! What do you mean looking all put together on your blog? We know better!" ;)