Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It Never Fails!

This morning I had a doctor's appointment, so I took a few minutes to clean my small appliances and canisters on the kitchen counter. It was a small job, one I could easily finish before I had to leave. Everything looked so good when I left, so shiny and clean!

It stayed that way till I cooked supper. I am diabetic, so I decided to try the Dinner Diva's recipe for FauxTayToes. You steam cauliflower till it's soft, then mix in cream cheese, butter, salt and pepper till it's the consistency of mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes without the carbs! So I steamed the cauliflower in the microwave in one of those steaming bags. I forgot that those steam the veggies to just crisp/tender. I needed them soft, remember. I got the cauliflower out of the microwave, put it in a bowl, and lowered the mixer into the veggies. Cauliflower flew everywhere. In the toaster. Under the toaster. All over the counter. All over the stand mixer. On the stove. On the coffee maker. On the floor. Everywhere.

I was not happy. The veggies wouldn't mash, but at least they tasted good - very good. Lesson learned, and the cleanup wasn't too bad, since everything had been clean to start with. Just be careful when you think everything is perfect. Because it won't be for long.


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to try and see if they truly taste like mashed potatoes.

I'm so sorry that you splattered everywhere--I've done that before. )o:

Barbara H. said...

In a similar, vein, just when I finally clean the burner pans on the stove, I usually have a pan overflow into one the next time I cook. Frustrating!

But one day when I was lamenting over having to clean stuff continually, I was struck by the thought that I am glad God is patient enough to clean me every day when I confess my sin of that day to Him. I just can't imagine what He has to deal with every day.

Debbie J. said...

You are right, it never fails that if you clean up an area, something will come along to mess it up! I remember deep cleaning a closet or cabinet when my son was small. He LOVED to then get in that closet or cabinet and play. He was VERY happy to enjoy my labor! LOL

You are such a good example to me to follow flylady, just need more time to do it!

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I think I might have cried from frustration! But like you said, at least everything was clean to begin with.
Hope you try the yummy cauliflower mash again... let us know how it turns out!

Susan said...

Michele, when they exploded all over the place, I gave up on mashing the cauliflower and just stirred up what I had in there - about 2 oz. of cream cheese, some butter, salt and pepper. I ate it like that, and it was delicious.

Oh, Barbara, I know what you mean about pans overflowing too! That happens so often to me. Maybe I just notice things like that more when I've just cleaned.

Debbie, just do what you can! That's what I love about FlyLady - you can do a little or a lot and still be doing something to bless you home. From what I've seen of you through your blog, you are a very busy lady, but you find time to help others, cook for your family and your mom, care for your mom, go to work, sew . . . I'd be exhausted!

Pam, it was good just like it was. I'll make it again soon and mash it up. My husband is even curious about tasting it, and he has never put a bite of cauliflower in his mouth!

Hearts And Home said...

I am so sorry, I can imagine how messy. Scott once turned on the blender for smoothies without the lid. I had strawberry chunks all over!

Susan said...

Margaret - noooo!!! LOL That's awful! How long did it take you to clean all that up?

Bren said...

I had a nice giggle over this...sorry, but it had such a great visual attached to it!!