Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back in the Routine (I Think)

Today went well. I think I'm back into my routines and good to go again. It's very hot here this week, and I hate nothing worse than having to slop around the house all sweaty and sticky because I didn't get my active work done in the morning. So I got myself busy this morning in the kitchen. I set my timer for 15 minutes and went to work. When the timer dinged I still had just a touch of work left to do, so I set it for 5 more minutes and was done.

Here is one of the blessings of having routines, whether they are daily routines or the monthly routines of Zone work. I was able to combine 3 jobs into one 15-minute session because I had just done them 4 weeks ago and they weren't that bad today. I did the backsplashes, cabinet fronts, and countertops. I only had to scrub one spot on the counter, because between my daughter and I we have kept the counters basically clean for a month. Even when the routines weren't followed completely, we still kept things in good enough shape that it doesn't take long to do these "heavy" jobs once a month.

I tell you this, not to toot my own horn, but to encourage you. I have been at the place where it took me 2 hours just to wash the dishes because I had left them from every meal the day before. I know how it is to have to catch up just to get started. That is why I love FlyLady's system so much! With the daily, weekly, and monthly routines, most of my house - not all - is within 15 minutes of being clean. I still have those places that I hope no one will look, and there is a healthy colony of dust bunnies in various parts of the house, but it's not overwhelming anymore. That's why I tell you about the things I get done. Not to make you feel bad or to make myself look good; simply to let you know that a decently-clean house is possible without having to knock yourself out every day or make your family miserable while you freak out over the house. There is balance. I can say these things because I've been there.

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