Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tuesday's Mission Accomplished

It took me a while today, but I got my planned work in the Zone done. I had an unexpected doctor's appointment this morning, so I had to put off my work till this afternoon. We eat our biggest meal at mid-day, so as soon as that was done, I got to work. I spent 15 minutes washing the windows in the kitchen and taking down the valances from my windows. I will wash those first thing in the morning and put them back up as soon as they're dry. We have a laundry-sharing situation with our downstairs neighbors, so I won't have use of the laundry again till tomorrow morning.

I also cleaned out the bank of drawers to the left of my sink. This is three small drawers and two big pots-and-pans drawers, in which I keep my mixing bowls, colanders, and Tupperware and storage bowls and lids. Kelly's mission for today was to clear out the plastic containers; that's part of the reason I chose these particular drawers.

Each job took 15 minutes, for a total of 30 minutes of cleaning today. Every little bit helps!


Tori said...

BRAVO Susan!!! Your right every little bit helps.

Good to see you posting at this blog again.

Susan said...

Tori! I have a reader! Yay! I need to go over to the FlyLady forums and let them know I'm here. Maybe my little efforts at working the plan would be a help to someone. I'm so glad you came back when I restarted this blog!