Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday's Mission: Complete

I completed Kelly's mission for today in a little over 15 minutes. I wiped down all my counters with Vim cleaner and rinsed them well, and while I had things pulled away from the back of the counters, I went ahead and sprayed my subway-tile backsplash with Windex and wiped them clean with a paper towel.

For my decluttering today, I focused on the cabinet under my sink. I hate under-sink cabinets! To me, they always seem dirty and I'm almost afraid to stick my hand in, sure that there's some kind of creepy-crawly under there. I had been stuffing things under there, various cleaners and rags, dishwashing supplies, trash bags - all willy-nilly with no order to it. I even had an old frying pan down there! I pulled everything out, wiped down the floor of the cabinet with Formula 409 (my favorite all-purpose cleaner) and wiped it out good. Then I put back only the cleaners and trash bags. I do have several different cleaners, but I use them all for one thing or another. Now everything is in order . . . but I still don't want to stick my hand under there! ;) This cabinet took less than 15 minutes.

Under-sink cabinet before . . .

Under-sink cabinet after

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