Thursday, July 24, 2008

Master Bedroom Zone

The master bedroom is one of my love/hate zones, because our bedroom is also my husband's office. He's a pastor who works from home; our church doesn't even have its own building, much less an office! Since we live in a three-bedroom home, our bedroom became half office/half bedroom. It's a big room, thankfully.

On Monday, I heard my husband upstairs doing something, and when I went to investigate, I found him cleaning up his office! I told him that was great, because this week was the master bedroom zone with FlyLady. He actually likes FlyLady, because she keeps me in line better than anything or anyone else ever has! LOL So together we've worked on the master bedroom all week. You can see in my sidebar the list of jobs I wanted to do in there, and they're almost all done. I also have Kelly's missions listed, which were easy accomplish this week, because nothing was terribly out of place.

My favorite thing I've done this week is wash all of our bedding, comforter and pillow shams included. I dried the comforter and shams in the dryer until they were almost dry, then hung them on the balcony rail in the sunshine to finish drying. They smell SO good now! I put the pillows in the dryer on air dry with a damp washcloth with a touch of fabric softener on it, tumbled them for 20 minutes, and now they smell fresh too. I just put everything back on the bed, and it smells fresh and clean in there. Nothing smells better than clean!

Does anyone else reading here follow FlyLady's zones? What did you do in your master bedroom this week? Better yet, what did you do anywhere in your house to be a blessing to your family? Any amount of cleaning or beautifying blesses your family, and that blesses you too!


Tori said...

Wow, a husband that likes FlyLady??? What a gift!
I don't follow her zones but I should, I keep saying I'm going to sign up again, maybe I will.

Susan said...

Tori, I fluctuate between getting the e-mails and not. I've only unsubscribed once or twice; the rest of the time I've just gone on no-mail.

Wes likes FlyLady because when I'm following the plan, he has clean underwear and ironed shirts! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm *so glad* you're doing this blog again! I can really use this. (o:

~~Deby said...

I hopped over to the FL's site and read for awhile and thought..I have got to start SOMEWHERE...I tried being on her email list years ago and just hated getting bombarded with all the email...I keep putting off doing all of this...but I need to het more organized and consistent with things, with or without fibro...
Stayed home today..woke up swollen glands and sore throat...will listen to a sermon on lin today..but sure hate missing..