Wednesday, July 23, 2008

90 Things I Can Do in 15 Minutes

For several days I wrote down things that I accomplished in 15 minutes or less, and then I added other things to them that I knew I could do within 15 minutes. I was trying to get to 100, but when I had to start wracking my brain to find more, I decided my list was long enough. So here you have it . . . 90 things to do in 15 minutes. Please add your own!

  1. Shine my sink
  2. Sweep and damp mop my kitchen floor
  3. Read a chapter (or more) in the Bible
  4. Read a chapter in a book
  5. Mix up a cake or brownie recipe
  6. Make my bed and pick up the clutter in my bedroom
  7. Swish and swipe my bathroom
  8. Clean my bath tub
  9. Clean the shower surround on my bath tub
  10. Clean out the fridge
  11. Clean out the freezer
  12. Write a pantry or freezer inventory
  13. Make a menu
  14. Make a grocery list
  15. Dust all the furniture in my house with a Swiffer Duster
  16. Vacuum my entire house – just the middles
  17. Declutter one cabinet
  18. Declutter a bookshelf, maybe more
  19. Clear my desk
  20. Declutter a file cabinet
  21. Start or reboot a load of laundry
  22. Fold and put away a load of laundry
  23. Iron three of my husband’s dress shirts
  24. Iron three of my blouses and/or skirts
  25. Water my plants
  26. Write a blog post
  27. Write a card to someone and address it
  28. Make an appointment for the doctor, hairdresser, and/or dentist
  29. Clean the windows in a room
  30. Clean my guest bath
  31. Vacuum the living room furniture
  32. Take a bubble bath
  33. Manicure my nails
  34. Pluck my chin hairs (!)
  35. Pluck my eyebrows
  36. Call my son
  37. Put my feet up
  38. Clear out my e-mail inbox
  39. Clean the baseboards in a room
  40. Clean the light fixture in the dining room
  41. Sweep the front or back porch
  42. Sweep the carport
  43. Make a card to send to someone
  44. Pin a pattern to fabric to cut out
  45. Cut out a pattern
  46. Sew something small or a few seams of something bigger
  47. Chat with a friend on instant messenger
  48. Sew on a button
  49. Hem a skirt or pair of pants
  50. Cross stitch
  51. Have a healthy snack
  52. Grill a cheese sandwich
  53. Make a smoothie
  54. Cuddle with my husband
  55. Talk with my child
  56. Unload the dishwasher
  57. Load the dishwasher
  58. Wipe down my kitchen counters
  59. Wipe my cabinet doors
  60. Wipe down my fridge and stove
  61. Wash the trash can
  62. Empty the trash from each room
  63. Organize our DVDs
  64. Organize photos
  65. Rub somebody’s back
  66. Clean a set of mini blinds
  67. Take a walk
  68. Clear out my pen & pencil cup
  69. Clear out my mail holder
  70. Wash my face and brush my teeth
  71. Put a meal in the crockpot for dinner
  72. Wash and chop vegetables for supper
  73. Start some bread in the bread machine
  74. Wipe down the washer and dryer
  75. Wash a sink of dishes
  76. Reorganize my dresser drawers
  77. Declutter my night stands
  78. Wipe down canisters and small appliances
  79. Clean all the mirrors in the house
  80. File papers
  81. Clean out the car and wipe the dash
  82. Clean a ceiling fan or box fan
  83. Clean or change the heating and/or air-conditioning filter
  84. Clean the lampshades on all the lamps
  85. Clean one wall, maybe more
  86. Reorganize under the kitchen or bathroom sink
  87. Mop a bathroom floor
  88. Change the sheets on my bed
  89. Wipe window sills
  90. Call a friend to chat


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Add my own?? I'm overwhelmed by YOUR list! You've mentioned things I hadn't even thought to do.. I'll come by here more often; maybe my house will be cleaner for it.

Susan said...

Pam, please notice that I said I did SOME of the things, but added others that I know I CAN do in 15 minutes or less. And please don't think my house is clean all the time! This post was to encourage all of us, myself included, to think about just how much we actually could accomplish in a day or week or month . . . just 15 minutes at a time. Just encouragement - not judgment or boasting.

~~Deby said...

What a great list, Susan. VERY inspiring.