Monday, March 05, 2007

Home Blessings

FlyLady has designated Monday as Home Blessing Day. I've done that off and on through the years, sometimes on a Monday, sometimes on a Friday, but most of the time just winging it, with no particular plan. Last week, with our son starting to work full time, saw me getting back into the kitchen doing the breakfast dishes. I figured while I was working, I might as well try taking an hour to get things back in order from the weekend. Thus began my latest attempt at having a Home Blessing Hour on Mondays.

I just complete my hour today, and this is what I got done in one hour:

Changed the sheets on my bed
Cleaned my ensuite bathroom
Cleaned the tub in the main bath
Swept and mopped ensuite and main bath floors
Dusted the furniture upstairs in the bedrooms with the feather duster
Swept and mopped downstairs powder room, front entry, and kitchen

As I've sat here, I've noticed that the living room needs a touch of picking up, my desk needs to be cleared, and I just remembered I need to water my plants. Those tasks will complete my Home Blessing for this week, giving me a nice, neat start to my homemaking week, and making our home a sweet retreat for my family.

Do you have a time set aside to "bless your home?" If so, tell us about it. I love to read what others get done in their homes, and how they accomplish the same tasks that I do - or should do, as the case may be!

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Candy said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the sweet comment. Come visit again soon!!! :) I like you blog too!! So you like it in Vancouver, thats great! Its nice there I know.
My parents live in Abbotsford,do you know where that is. Its pretty there too.
Hugs to you,