Thursday, March 01, 2007

Declutter Challenge - Day 20

Well, I'm a day late . . . and probably a dollar short, whatever that means. The last day of my personal Declutter Challenge was yesterday, Day 20, and I got zero done. Not even 15 minutes. Life got in the way and that's how it went. So that was kind of an anti-climactic way to end the month. I think I'll do this again . . . next February.

Although I missed a few days (4 I think), I'm pleased overall with what I got accomplished this month. I am especially pleased with my kitchen. My cabinets still look good, and it's almost time for the kitchen zone again! Every day, if I see something out of place in a cabinet, I just take a second when I notice it to put the item back where it belongs. And that is working well! It's not nearly as aggravating when I just take a second to "do it now" instead of letting it go till there are multiple items out of place.

I still have a couple of areas that I want to work on, and now that I've really learned that 15 minutes a day will at least help, I hope to spend that time a couple of days a week to keep up the decluttery trend. Thanks for joining me this month on my little decluttering adventure!


Copper's Wife said...

Reflecting back on what you got accomplished is a good thing!!! Life happens, and our best intentions are thwarted. You decluttered almost every day, and got a TON done!! Very inspiring!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

I am a new reader to your blog, ran ito it while looking at Menu Plan Monday posts.

Anyway, I'll need to backtrack and read your 20 days. Yet, from what it sounds like, it seems like you got a lot accomplished!!! Good job!!!

I'll have to read about your declutter challenge to get motivated myself to complete the organizational project I've been working off and on in the laundry room!

It was funny when you said you'll have to do it February!

Well, have a blessed week!