Saturday, February 10, 2007


Today will be spent getting ready for tomorrow - Sunday! As a pastor's family, Sunday is our busiest day of the week. By Sunday night, I'm ready to just sit back on the couch and relax! Because our Sunday evening service is over at 6:30, we are home and getting supper ready by 7:00, which gives us a nice quiet evening after a day of hard work.

Today I'm getting my Sunday School lesson preparations wrapped up. I try to get everything together on Saturday and pack it up on Saturday evening so I don't have to worry about it on Sunday morning (been there done that!). I have flannelgraph pieces for the story, the memory verse printed out to use as a visual aid, memory verse tokens for the kids to take home with them, the flannelboard, my Bible and the lesson book to take with me, in addition to pencils and markers and a Valentine's Bingo game to play tomorrow. And song visuals. I made a checklist for these things which has helped a lot.

This afternoon, we'll be doing some visiting, hoping to have someone new come to our services tomorrow. This takes a couple of hours out of our day, so I try to have something ready to cook when we get home. Today that will be burgers. That's a departure from my menu, because I "departed" from it earlier in the week by not getting that roast in the crockpot on time. Said roast is on the menu for tomorrow now. See, when I have a menu, I can do the switcheroo thing; there's always room to move things around when you have the ingredients you need for the week in the house!

Tonight I'm going to make this recipe for Chocolate Trifle that I found on Heart and Home. As soon as I saw it I knew my family would love it! I'll also pop that roast in the crockpot on low right before bed, so it will be tender and torturing us with its heavenly aroma when we wake up tomorrow morning. It'll continue cooking all through church and be ready for us to eat when we come in the door.

So that's our weekend. I hope you have a pleasant weekend!

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