Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Question

Copper's Wife asked these questions after I posted about decluttering my very full upstairs hall closet:

You don't say in your post, but are all of the different and varied things on shelves together? Would it be possible to find some inexpensive (or maybe even something you have on hand) tubs or baskets to group like things together?

Copper's Wife, all of the various stuff in that closet is loosely organized by type, like things together. All the games are together, all the linens together, all the decor items together, etc. But they aren't all in tubs or baskets. I have an extra tub that I could use, but I'd need to buy more I think for every set of items to have their own container. I think I'll clear out some more stuff before I buy any containers, though, just to know what kinds to buy. Thanks for your suggestions!

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