Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Declutter Challenge - Day 9

Wow, I'm really late today! My husband and I made our monthly shopping trip this morning, so I didn't get to anything house-related until this afternoon. Even then, I haven't gotten any real cleaning done, although I've put away a month's worth of groceries and rearranged my freezer to accommodate the new supply of frozen food.

I had a hard time making myself do anything on my Declutter Challenge today. But then I thought, what's 15 minutes out of my afternoon? and shamed myself into doing it! LOL So I set the timer and began working on two desk drawers:

It actually took two 15-minute sessions to get these drawers done. The top picture is a file drawer on my desk, which holds my craft booklets and brochures (mostly cross stitch) and the answer keys for my kids' school. These had all been originally standing up like they were in file folders, just without the folders. As you can see (or maybe not), they had all fallen down and I had begun to just toss things in, including some crochet thread that I've piddling with. I went upstairs and got some file folders from my husband's file cabinet and divided all the books into appropriate file folders. The books at the back of the drawer are a stash of "preacher" books my husband found. They're a treasure to him, and this is where he put them, so that's where they're staying for now. They aren't in the way.

The other drawer is just above that file drawer and is kind of an I-need-somewhere-to-put-these-little-things drawer (I guess that would be a junk drawer, wouldn't it?!). There are some card games in there, my stash of sugar-free candy and mints, a few pictures, and a few little odd office supplies that aren't too terribly important, but I like to know where they are when I need them. Here is that drawer restored to order:

How is your decluttering going this week? I hope you'll spend just a few minutes restoring order to some little corner of your home. I feel like I'm "looking well to the ways" of my household when I take the time to make order in all the little corners of my home!

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