Thursday, February 08, 2007

Declutter Challenge - Day 6

Day 6, and I'm still in the kitchen. Today I plan to declutter the cabinet under my sink. Ugh. That's where we keep the bucket for recycling and all my cleaning products. It gets ugly in there. If I have time, I'll also clear out the cabinet above and to the right of the sink, where we keep all our coffee- and tea-making stuff. It's a little disorganized too. If you'd like to join me and you want to tell us about it, sign the Mr. Linky below.

Update: I got the area under the kitchen sink decluttered (my son even took out the recycling without being asked!), but I didn't get to the coffee and tea cabinet. I am just plain old tired. I'm type 2 diabetic, and I've been battling low blood sugars every day this week, due to my medicine working so well. When I have a low, it wipes me out. So I just did the most pressing things in the kitchen - including cooking the meals and helping to clean up - and called it a day for the kitchen. My Zone job I chose to do today was to clean the drip pans and rings on the stove. I hate cleaning those things, so I put it off till they are horrible looking and I have to do it. I think, for the next 4 weeks (till kitchen zone again) I'm going to wash them once a week and see if that makes a difference (duh!). I'm still in the process of mapping out what I need to do weekly and what to do monthly. It's all because of my mile-wide lazy streak; I don't like following a schedule, so I put things off, and then they are screaming for attention. When will I learn?


Jodi said...

Susan, I just wanted to tell you that you really are inspiring me! There are sooo many areas in my home (because of the move) that are screaming to be decluttered; sometimes it feels overwhelming. I know I haven't posted anything I've been doing, but your little 15 minutes challenges have really kept me going, tackling corner after corner. (Although it usually takes more than 15 minutes -- it's just a little mental trick with me and helps get me started!) I just wanted to thank you!

I know sometimes we blog away trying to encourage and feel like our words are being sucked into a black hole - lol! But I am one of those guilty ones that does not always post a comment even when I always read. And I just wanted you to know that your declutter challenge has been a really good motivator for me! :oD

Susan said...

Jodi, I'm so thrilled that my little declutters are helping you too! I know what you mean about the 15 minutes being a mental trick; I do it too, although some days 15 minutes is literally all I can do. Thank you so much for leaving a comment here and letting me know how you've been helped. It means the world to me!

deb said...

Susan, you sure seem like a real de-cluttering go-getter, not lazy! LOL!

I wasn't quite prepared to get started when Mrs. Wilt announced her I let it go until it was in my time frame to do it. Thought I'd gotten out of it! ...until you started your de-cluttering challenge. I do KNOW there is one area in particular I need to clean...actually it's more dusting than decluttering.

My kitchen cabinets are not all the way up to the ceiling, and I keep country baskets all along the top of the cabinets. The ceiling is extra high, and I can't easily reach those baskets. So, I noticed the other day that they were SO DUSTY it was embarrassing even with no company coming! So, that's my get the ladder and climb up there and bring the baskets down and dust them in addition to dusting the ledge up there. It probably would only take a couple of 15 minute times to dust them, but I just keep putting it off. Ok, I'm vowing to do it... next week! :) Thanks for the incentive.

Tammy said...

Susan, I just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed reading your de-cluttering posts! I haven't had a lot of computer time lately (much less time to devote to decluttering!). I'm planning on participating in your challenges soon!

Susan said...

Deb, I am a go-getter on practically nothing, unless you can be a go-getter on reading blogs?! You know what keeps me looking for things to declutter this month? The fact that I said I'd do it every day and report it publicly - otherwise I'm lazy and a huge procrastinator! You'll do great next week on those baskets and cabinet tops - I've always thought I'd like to have tops of cabinets for display, but I know I'd put off dusting up there. It probably won't take very long at all once you get up there!

Tammy, thanks for reading! It can't be all that exciting to read about someone cleaning out their cabinets! LOL Looking forward to hearing about your decluttering soon, though - it IS exciting for me. ;)