Monday, February 05, 2007

Declutter Challenge - Day 3

What a weekend we had! We got everything ready for our church 2nd anniversary service, and it was great - you can read about it here, if you're interested. Today begins the cleanup at home. Ugh! Busy weekends make for busy Mondays!

In addition to simply getting all the little fires put out, I will stick to my Declutter Challenge by spending 15 minutes clearing out the cabinet where I keep all the plates, cups, flatware, etc., for church functions. After this weekend, we have more to add to it, and it's a mess from my rooting through it Saturday to see what we needed to buy. Plus this week's zone is the kitchen, and that's where that cabinet is located!

Update: The cabinet is now decluttered and re-organized, and it took just a little bit longer than 15 minutes - maybe 20? I had to empty that big bag you see in the bottom right corner and fit the stuff in there into the cabinet along with the other stuff already there. The blue you see is a pile of plastic table covers, which I put into a zip-up plastic bag that new sheets came in at Christmas. Finally, you see the finished product - all the plates, bowls, cups, napkins together, with plastic cutlery in the box under the plates.

Feel free to join in if you have some decluttering to do. Here's a Mr. Linky to share what you've accomplished today!

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