Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Declutter Challenge - Day 15

Our month is 3/4 finished! Only five more days in the Declutter Challenge. You can't tell much outwardly in my house that I've done anything, but when you start opening cabinets and drawers you can tell a difference. And that brings some calmness into my home, even though it's not visible. Sometime years ago I heard someone say (or read it somewhere) that having things neat, all the way to your drawers and closets, eases your mind and allows you to relax. I can understand that!

Today I finished my small file cabinet. I threw away a bunch of papers that were no longer relevant, and took some theological papers up to my husband's office for him to file in his file cabinet. Now my cabinet is ready for me to either transfer the files over to my desk or credenza cabinet and give this thing away . . . or hang on to it and use it for extra storage. I'm leaning toward getting rid of it and opening up the corner it sits in! We'll see. I'm just now learning this "less is more" thing and it's scary to think of getting rid of something that "I might need" someday.

How are you doing? Just one more week! Let us know what's going on in your home!

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