Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Declutter Challenge - Day 14

Today I spent 15 minutes in another file drawer. I cleaned out several file folders of stuff, including some bank statements and insurance statements that are about 5 years old. I'll go shred those bad boys, and be done for today!

I also found a packet of photos we made on one of our last trips to visit my Granny before she passed away. She lived in SC, we lived in TX. She had Alzheimer's for several years before she died, and my uncle and aunt took care of her during that time. She went from being one of the sweetest little Southern ladies you'd ever meet, to being quite the feistiest you'd ever meet! LOL We would get such a kick out of her sometimes, but many times tears would come to my eyes as I realized just what that disease had done to the Granny I had always known. I can see the various moods she's in in the pictures we took. In one, I'm kneeling next to her wheelchair, and she is smiling and happy, just like always. But in another, with my aunt and uncle, she is scowling to beat the band! LOL It was fun to look at my couins' children and see family resemblances. There's no mistaking that a few of them are related - to each other AND to me! Family traits have always fascinated me.

Anyway, I'll close this ramble and let you tell us what you've been accomplishing this week!

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