Monday, February 19, 2007

Declutter Challenge - Day 13

I apologize for not being here all day! My daughter and I went thrifting (which is not quite the same here as in the US), and then she wanted to go to the mall and see if there were any sales. It not being President's Day in Canada, there weren't very many good sales, but she did get a new Italian charm bracelet to replace the one she lost a few weeks ago. We got a few things at the thrift store too, but the prices weren't anything to get very excited about.

So . . . all that to say I haven't decluttered anything today! I think I will implement the one-in/one-out policy that I've heard organizers talk about. I got a jumper, top, and skirt today, so I will take three pieces of clothing out of my closet before I go to bed tonight. It won't take 15 minutes, but it will accomplish something in my quest to keep the clutter under control.

How'd you do today? Let us know how your decluttering is going!


Anna said...

What is different about thrift stores there than they are here? I was just curious since you mentioned it! Thanks for keeping us on our toes and keeping our homes decluttered!!! I have always enjoyed your writing.

Susan said...

Anna, there is one word that will describe the difference here than most thrift stores in the US - PRICE!!!! The prices here are what I would pay for something brand new at Wal Mart in the US. My favorite thrift store in Ft. Worth had much lower prices. So that's the difference! :)