Friday, February 16, 2007

Declutter Challenge - Day 12

Day 12 has arrived! Another Friday. I like Fridays. Today I will tackle that closet I've been trying to get to for 3 days now. I sure hope all of you are doing better with your decluttering than I've done this week. I've had an attack of the I-don't-wanna's. Leave a comment or a link to let us know how you're doing!

Update: I finally did it! I don't feel like I got much accomplished, but I spent two 15-minute sessions in that hall closet. Enough time to see that I need a plan for that closet! LOL I have in the hall closet: linens, old towels for washing the car, any and all fabric I own, a few craft supplies, candles, home decor, games, and Christmas and other wrapping papers. I have this closet and one utility closet to put these things in, and it's not working very well. I think I'm going to write down the things I have and see what kind of organizing I can do with these two closets. My utility closet is serving as a pantry, too, though. Anyway, I threw away several things out of the hall closet, and put quite a few things in a giveaway bag (going to the thrift store), and put back two shelves' worth of stuff, on one side of the closet. There's a bunch more to do in there.


Paula said...

Hi Susan,
I am still in the bathroom closet which is a record for me to stay focused on one area for more than one day. Yay!

Anyway, I found way more than five more bottles of conditioner to toss. Then I went through a basket that I store otc meds, bandages, etc. I was ashamed to find more than one otc med which had expired in early 2006!

BTW, it took me less than 1 minute to do this. Which now makes me wonder why I procastinate like I do. sigh.

Hope your "got-it-dones" come back to you soon. *smile*

Take care, Paula

Susan said...

Way to go, Paula!!! I ask myself so many times, after I've gone through a bunch of stuff, why in the world I put it off so long. You've done great this week! Thanks for sharing with us!

Mrs. C said...

I've still been plucking along with you on the decluttering. Today I spend *TWO HOURS* working on the little girls' room. I felt sooo good when I finished! I still have to go through 4 baskets full of clothes and figure out what to do with them.
P.S.~ I really like your new avatar. You look 10 years younger (not that you looked old to begin with). :o)

Susan said...

Wow, Mrs. C!!!! Two hours! I bet you did feel good after that. Maybe that's what I need to do in my boys' room - just take a deep breath and don't come out till it's done. The closet could use that too. Anyway, great job! I saw the post about your one girl's new bedroom for her birthday - it was so cute.

Thank you for the compliment! LOL That picture is much better than the other one. It's made by a professional, for one thing, so the colors are clear and the lighting is good. Plus, my husband says he keeps me looking young - silly man! ;)

Copper's Wife said...

I'm sure you're making great progress on your closet! You don't say in your post, but are all of the different and varied things on shelves together? Would it be possible to find some inexpensive (or maybe even something you have on hand) tubs or baskets to group like things together? Just thinking out loud....