Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Declutter Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 of my personal Declutter Challenge, and I have no desire whatsoever to declutter anything today! ;) I can see I'm going to have to shame myself into it this afternoon. I had an eye appointment this morning, so I was out of the house part of the day. Now I've been home, but I've just been piddling around getting nothing done. So I'll set a goal: I'll work for 15 minutes decluttering my upstairs hall closet. It's just outside the main bathroom, which is the zone for this week. I haven't gotten into my boys' room yet. I'm afraid something might bite me in there! ;) So anyway - the hall closet.

Update: I have to admit defeat today. No decluttering done, not even 15 minutes. I am bushed. I spent my free time today resting and reading a book. I was incredibly lazy. Tomorrow I will jump back in.

What are you doing today?


Paula said...

Today I decluttered & cleaned my computer area.

I am not up to the 15 minutes challenge yet. But have decided to challenge myself to do a daily five. I declutter five things whether from a closet, the refrigerator, or whatever catches my side-tracked self that day. *smile*

Mrs. C in NC
PS I "found" your blog the other day and have found it very encouraging. Thanks!

Susan said...

Paula, this is wonderful!!! You are doing a great job because you're doing something consistently. You've just charged me up - thanks for leaving a comment!

deb said...

Susan, you must not have gotten the Decluttering Newsletter! It emphatically states that decluttering is off limits on Valentine's Day. It further states that anyone not receiving that particular announcement should in no way feel defeated if they did not declutter on Wednesday, February 14th.

So there! You're off the hook! LOL! :)

Susan said...

Deb, I did NOT receive that newsletter - why didn't you put my name on the mailing list??? ;) Now I feel better, knowing that it's ok NOT to declutter on V-Day!