Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wrapping Up

Well, Mrs. Wilt has wrapped up her week-long Anti-Procrastination Challenge. I got to participate four out of the six days. On Saturday, the challenge was to do something with your family that you've been putting off, but I couldn't think of anything - we've stayed pretty much caught up on doing things together! Saturday is also a ministry day for us, getting things ready for Sunday and spending time in the afternoon making visits and knocking on doors inviting people to church. Due to our church's second annivesary approaching, last Saturday we spent two hours putting flyers on doors to invite people to the services planned for next Sunday. We distributed about 1,500 flyers just on Saturday! So I guess that could have counted for being together, but it wasn't something we'd been putting off.

Yesterday was our daughter's 14th birthday, so she and I went to the US on a little shopping trip. Again, this wasn't something we'd put off, so it didn't count as anti-procrastination, plus I was gone all day. When we got home, I was totally bushed, and we still had to get supper. So last night was a time to relax. Although I really wanted to earn one of Mrs. Wilt's free e-books, there was just no helping not being able to participate each day - and I still might just buy them from her! I did enjoy participating and reading what everyone else got done, and I hope Mrs. Wilt will make this a regular event.

Because I enjoyed this Challenge so much, I'm going to make it a weekly thing. FlyLady used to make every Wednesday Anti-Procrastination Day (she may still do that, but I couldn't find it on her site - somebody let me know if she still does it), so I'm making Wednesdays Anti-Procrastination Day on my blog. Each week, I'll report on what I've done during the prior seven days that I had been putting off. You can join in too, and we'll see what we can get done this year to end our habit of procrastinating!


Mary said...

It has been so long since I've looked at your site, I am sorry!

You know it's funny I didn't see Anti-Procrastination day on her email but it's on the website now, I think the site gets changed daily.

I have let my house slide lately! Oops!

Susan said...

Hi, Mary! Don't feel bad about not reading here in a while. I took a long break from this blog and have just started it up again.

Have a great Anti-Procrastination Day! :)