Friday, January 12, 2007

Staying Busy

Today I kept myself busy getting the house back in order after being away for the first part of the week. We had quite a trip home on Wednesday, but we are safe and sound and glad to be home. I sat on my franny yesterday - yes I did - but today I determined that I would keep busy.

Here are the things I accomplished today, most of them in 15-minute increments (gotta love FlyLady!):

Cleared breakfast table and emptied dishwasher for the breakfast cleanup person
Sheets washed, dried, and bed remade
Suitcase and toiletry case emptied and put away
Bedroom clutter picked up
Ensuite bath cleaned thoroughly
Three loads of towels washed, dried, and put away
One load of clothes washed (but not dried or put away yet)
Wrote and addressed seven thank-you cards
Took down our Christmas tree and decorations (yes, they were still up!)
Cleaned out a portion of the utility closet (only 15 minutes, but made a difference in there - more tonight or tomorrow)
Made pepperoni stuffed-crust pizza from scratch
Took a nap! LOL

I always mess up by taking a nap! After that, it's hard to get going again. Right now, I'm getting ready to go on a date with my husband. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as busy and productive!

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