Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Vintage Copper's Wife

Here's another article today from Copper's Wife, from her vintage files. It's about catching up, with some great practical tips on getting yourself out of that housekeeping hole you've dug for yourself. I'm there once again with ironing!

Catching Up

I normally put these types of articles in my Worth the Homemaker's Read file in the sidebar, but these past couple of days' worth of articles have been so good I wanted to make sure everyone at least knew about them! I hope they've been a help to you.


Paralee said...

I'm not seeing that file on your sidebar. Am I missing something?

Susan said...

Hi, Paralee,

There's a link in the sidebar on the front page of my blog that says "Worth the Homemaker's Read". I just noticed that it's not on the permalink post, so let me republish again to make sure it's on every page. Thanks for drawing that to my attention!

Susan said...

Well, I republished the entire blog, and it's not showing up on the individual post permalinks in the sidebar. If you go to the front page the link is in the sidebar there. Just click on the link at the top of this page that says With Heart and Hand . . . Sorry about that!

Paralee said...

Found it! Thanks!