Sunday, January 21, 2007

Coming Home

My husband and I attended a Couple's Retreat this weekend. We had a great time, but as with all things, it came to an end, and we had to come home. I wasn't particularly energetic when I got home, but I had written a list before we left on Friday of things to do when we got home. I was able to go right upstairs and get my bedroom back in order. I had left our sheets tumbling in the dryer, so I made our bed first thing, then unpacked our suitcase (that usually gets put off!). With those things done, my mind was cleared about being able to go to bed when it was time. Don't you just hate to go to get ready for bed, and there are no sheets on it?! I don't know how many times I've remembered, when it's time for bed, that the sheets are still in the dryer.

I've found that when I make a list of things to do - big things and little things - I can pick out a little thing to do while a bigger thing is going on. For example, while I was cooking supper, I chose the songs that we'll sing in my children's Sunday school class today. Those little things are helpful in accomplishing bigger things, and when I write them down, I don't have to keep reviewing that mental list of things to do. I'm finding lists to be more and more essential to keeping a sense of peace about me. Nothing is too little, if it's something that has to be done!

I want to share some things we learned at the retreat concerning planning. The host pastor and his wife are some of the most organized people I know, and they taught a couple of sessions on planning. It was good, and it made me feel better to be reassured that planning is a good thing, not a crutch for somebody who is so disorganized they can't walk straight! LOL

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