Friday, January 26, 2007

Anti-Procrastination Challenge: Friday

Just call me late. No matter how early I plan to get my Anti-Procrastination Challenge done, it eludes me until the evening. But . . . I am getting some things done that needed to be done for a while. Today was my grocery day, and my husband wanted to have our Friday night date on Friday afternoon instead, so that's what we did!

My challenge for today was to sew an apron that I have had cut out and marked, waiting to be sewn for probably a year or more. It's been folded neatly in my sewing basket, which I decluttered several weeks ago. I thought then that I really needed to get that apron made (I have another one cut out, same pattern, different fabric, but I chose to only do one today), but I didn't make a definite plan to do it. So today was the day. It took me less than two hours, and I think the next one will go faster. Especially after I get some kind of tool with which to turn fabric tubes. I won't go there. It wasn't pretty. So here is my pattern and fabric all ready to sew.

This was my first time to apply bias binding. I was a bit afraid of it, but it went well.

And this is my finished apron! This picture isn't very good; sorry about that! Now I'm looking forward to making the other apron. It's just like this one, except it's navy blue with some Texas fabric for the pocket! ;)

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Tammy said...

Pretty apron! I have a few projects sitting around like that. One is a jumper that I'll only need to lose 20 lbs. in order to fit in! Oh dear!