Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Favorite Cleaning Supplies

Susan Godfrey has asked us what our favorite cleaning products are and why, so I thought I'd join in and share mine with you.

First up is my very favorite cleaning product, good ol' Formula 409. I've been using this cleaner for years, and the reason I love it so much is that it's convenient and it does the job it says it will. I can use it almost anywhere - kitchen, bathroom, walls, appliances, painted cabinet doors - and it cleans quickly and well. It's also economically priced. I haven't found 409 in Canada, but fortunately we live close enough to the US that I can stock up on it at Wal Mart occasionally!

For laundry, it's Tide with Febreze. Not so economical, but it's the only laundry detergent that satisfies my hubby! He perspires heavily, which makes the underarms of his shirts turn yellow and hard. Tide is the only thing that has ever made a dent on those underarm stains, plus it smells good. We consider the extra money for the national-brand detergent to be worth it to make his shirts last longer.

Zout stain remover. Zout, along with Tide, works wonders on stains! You can even pour some into the wash load as a general stain remover in addition to applying it directly to stains.

Lysol Tub and Tile cleaner. I used to scrub away with Comet on our bathtub, but when I worked cleaning houses with my pastor's wife, she used Lysol cleaner. I had always thought these cleaners were a waste of money, but boy, I loved how it worked! Spray it on, let it set, then wipe it down and rinse. I could actually see where the dirt had wiped away. That won me over, and I've used Lysol ever since.

I don't have strong preferences for the rest of my cleaners, such as floor cleaners, dish detergent, window cleaner. I will usually buy names I'm familiar with, but cost is more of a factor with those products than the brand name.

Drop by Susan's Blog to see the favorite products of other bloggers!

I was going to post pictures, but Blogger wouldn't cooperate - so what's new?!


Mrs.B. said...

I've wondered if Tide was worth the extra money. I've heard others say this too so I think I might have to give it a try.

Mishel said...

I *love* Tide with Fabreze. I have tried othter detergents, but I always go back to Tide. : )

'Berta said...

Grace, I love using Murphy's Oil Soap on my floors!