Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Been a Crazy, Busy Week

My goodness! If I have another week like this one, I'm just going to get to going so fast that I'll just disappear! It's been wild this week. Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment, Wednesday was shopping, Thursday was an all-day field trip and then church, Friday Samuel had a doctor's appointment, and today is cooking for our potluck tomorrow and trying to get some things cooked for Thanksgiving on Monday (in Canada) and going visiting for our church this afternoon. Beth is still in the kitchen, making two loaves of pumpkin bread for tomorrow. For all my work in the kitchen, I only have three pumpkin pies to show for it. That's because I didn't have one solid chunk of time to put into it and had to do things by stages all day. I really need a second wind tonight! And tomorrow is busy with church, a potluck dinner, and traveling to another area church to sing tomorrow night.

Next week promises to be almost as busy as this past one. Monday is a holiday, which will be spent cooking, Tuesday all the kids have dental appointments, Wednesday shopping, can't think of anything for Thursday, and Friday is a day full of errands with my husband, with a youth activity for the kids that night.

Where do I get anything done in all this? Well, that's a good question. My house is just being maintained right now - beds made, dishes washed, bathrooms cleaned, laundry done. I did manage to get in an evening of organizing my papers for cardmaking. I got all my 12x12 papers sorted by color and into hanging folders. I still need to get my 8.5x11 papers sorted; then I will sort all my embellishments. I thought I had things organized simply because I had them in various drawers of a rolling bin, but I realized they really weren't organized, because I can't find anything. So. It's another work in progress.

I've been really dissatisfied with how things have been going with how I spend my time. I haven't written down a real routine, and when school started it was like everything blew up in my face. I've been getting the urgent things done, but many times the important things have gone undone. The days have been getting away from me, worse than ever before. I've decided that I will sit down on Monday after dinner is over and draw up a weekday plan to help myself accomplish the important things. Every day I need to clean a portion of my house, declutter a portion, exercise, grade/check schoolwork, do some writing, study/prepare for the classes I teach, and do some personal Bible study - these are my priorities. These things are all after my morning routine, which I have down pat, and on into the afternoon. I've said it before - I also need to get to bed on time. I've learned this week that I don't have the endurance I once had (I think that is due to my sugar levels fluctuating so much recently, and I hope to get back my energy as they come into control), but if I ate well, exercised, and got to bed on time, I was refreshed and rested the next morning. So I have to have a plan. I found that out this week too!

I hope you all are having a good weekend. I'll see you on Monday to let you know what kind of plan I worked out. Have a great day!


Lora K. said...

I understand exactly how you feel!! It has been the same for me as far as a schedule goes. Recently my dh was put into a leadership postion for an international evangelism ministry, and being his personal assistant, I have added responsibilities. Right now I feel as if I'm floundering, only doing enough to get by. I am also going through all of my craft supplies too. It can be a pretty daunting task when you have 5 dds and they all love crafting!

Anna said...

I feel for you. When I have those weeks when it is run run Run it wears us out!! Don't be too hard on yourself and remember you have to have time for yourself and to refresh yourself in alone time with the Lord. Even if you can only find 10 min here and there you know how important it is. Your heart is in the right place but you can't let your family,health or spirit flounder 'cause of it. Maybe you need to let your blog go for a few days at least to find that time you need? We will all keep checking in and find you once you can take the time to write!

org junkie said...

Oh my, I'm exhausted just reading all that....I love that you are going to make a plan...great idea! Can't wait to hear all about it. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Laura