Monday, October 02, 2006

Goals - Again

Well, I'm a firm believer in goals. But obviously, I'm not a firm believer in meeting them! I'm changing my September goals to October goals, and thinking maybe I'll get something done? It seems that my desk and credenza are a constant work-in-progress, since I use them all the time, so that goal will change. I need to add my desk to my daily hot-spot control. It really is easier to pick up a few things and put them away than it is to wait and have to plow through a big pile on the desk.

I keep having too many things come up each day: phone calls, letters, errands. These all seem to be a part of homeschooling and running a church office in our home. Most of the things I have to be on the phone for are related to one of those things, and I see no way around them. I can't put off a phone call to a church member until my phone day, for example. Most calls like that need to be made right away. So I'm thinking maybe I can have a certain time of day to make phone calls and such, instead of having a day of the week to make calls or write notes. I say that because most organizational helps say to set aside a day of the week to make calls, pay bills, run errands, etc. But I guess a homeschooling pastor's family needs to be a little more flexible than that! :) Each home and family are different, aren't they? That's why we have to adapt routines to reflect our own families.

Last night I pulled out my cardmaking supplies. I wanted to make some Thanksgiving cards to give to our church members on Sunday. But my supplies are such a mess that I don't even know what I have in there. Sigh. Another thing to organize!

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Anna said...

I'm with you. I have to tweek my schedule here and there to make it make sence for me too. Since I hate to call and make appointments or do business on the phone, making time each day to get it out of the way seems best too. That way I may only have to do 1 or 2 calls and that does not seem as bad as say 5 in one day! Maybe then they will all get done!!
I appreciate your input and honesty. I have noticed all the people like flylady for instance have tweeked their schedules many times to make it more useful or up to date for their lives. That is the point...making it right for Our families lives. Thanks again!!