Monday, October 23, 2006

A Day at Home!

Finally! A day at home! I had so much I needed to do today, and I was able to get a lot of it done. Most of the things were just catching up on things that were left undone over the past 3 weeks when we were busy and away from home. I feel satisfied tonight that I stayed busy and productive, and that feels good.

I cleaned my bedroom today and caught up on our laundry. I still have some ironing to do - I know that's surprising - but all of our clothes are clean. I even washed some of my hand-wash and delicate items, and they are hanging to dry overnight. Our bedroom got a thorough dusting, and tomorrow I plan to vacuum the carpet thoroughly and clean the baseboard heater. Plus the ironing.

Oh! I got my closet decluttered! It only took about 30 minutes! It's so much neater in there now, and it feels good to walk in and see everything in its place. I was also pleasantly surprised when we got home from our trip and found that Beth had decluttered and rearranged the hall closet for me. She is becoming quite the organizer! She loves to get rid of junk and arrange what's left.

The boys and Beth and I tackled the boys' room this evening. For one thing, it was a disaster area. For another, we have out-of-town guests coming to stay overnight Friday night, and the boys' room is our guest room. There was no way I was letting anyone into that room the way it looked before we went in there! It's 100 times better now, but we're not quite finished. We have one more drawer to declutter and both beds need to be vacuumed underneath. I also want to put up new blinds, which the boys have needed for quite some time. So I'll finish those things tomorrow too. To finish up in the boys' room, I mended a pillow for Andrew. It's a rustic, lodge-look pillow with a moose on the front that has had a hole in it for a LONG time. When it first got the hole, I told Andrew to put it in the closet and I'd sew it up soon. Then I forgot about it till tonight. Now it's done, because I took my own advice and did it right away when I discovered it!

I caught up Andrew and Beth's grading today. I hadn't graded their work from last week, so I did that this morning. That's another thing that's easier if you keep up with it! So far I'm doing better with grading than I have in years past. The Lord is gracious to help me overcome old habits - when I hand him my day and ask for His help.

Now we're all relaxing. I think I'm going to pull out a crochet project I found in my closet. I hope you're all having a great evening!


deb said...

Susan, I just read all you did yesterday--whew! I bet you slept well last night! Preparing for overnight guests always takes so much more work than just having someone come over for a meal. Even when I've cleaned my son's room for guests I still worry about the "boy smell" in there--so different from the sweet smelling girls' rooms! LOL!

Mishel said...

Wow, you were busy!! Good for you! : )

I so agree about keeping up with grading. I have struggled with it for years too, and like you, this year is going much better. I know my son really appreciates me keeping up with it too.