Sunday, September 03, 2006


autumn-leavesHappy September! When July started, I posted some of my goals for the month. I think I only got two of them done. I want to do better in September, so I have a plan this month!

I'm getting the decluttering bug. Everywhere I look, things are starting to clutter up again. So I want to work on that this month. Here is my plan. Along with my everyday cleaning, I'm going to include 15 minutes of decluttering in the specific room I'm in that day or week. In addition, I will pick another area to work on for 15 minutes every day. This is only for decluttering, not for cleaning. It's not that hard to keep things clean when I'm doing it every day.

Here are the areas that really need decluttering the most:

Master bedroom closet
Upstairs hall closet (I just did this a few months ago, but it's needing it again)
Utility closet/pantry (again, just did it a few months ago!)
Bookshelves in school area
My desk and credenza
Kitchen cabinets - tea/coffee, plastic containers, food, spices

A little explanation about my desk may be in order. When we moved here, Wes bought a really nice desk and credenza from a friend of ours. They're big, heavy, solid, polished wood. The desk has two drawers on each side and a file drawer on each side. The credenza has also has two drawers and a file cabinet on each side, plus an area between the drawers that has doors with shelves inside. They take up a lot of room, but I really like them. We have them downstairs in the living room, because we couldn't get them up the stairs! When Wes decided to move his office upstairs to one of the bedrooms, he bought another desk to use in his office and left the big desk and credenza downstairs, hoping to sell them to recoup the cost of the other desk. Well, he offered them several times, bringing the price down each time, but no takers. So we still have them. I cleaned them out when he was first trying to sell them, but as time went on, I'd just stick a little something here or there, till now they both need cleaning out again. We've come to the point that we don't think we're ever going to be able to sell them . . . which secretly makes me glad! LOL I love them, and I want all those drawers and file cabinets! So anyway, I want to declutter them, then organize some of my stuff (like homeschool, Sunday school, and Thursday night class stuff) into them - at least until Wes can sell them. Then I'll figure out something else. But right now they're just wasted space. Did I mention I don't even have my own computer for my desk right now? I share my daughter's computer, but all my papers and books and stuff go on my big desk.

My desk

So those are the major things I want to get done this month. I'm committing to working an extra 15 minutes a day to declutter these areas. Anyone want to join me?


Tammy said...

I need to get some clutter out of my sewing room, and do some decluttering in the basement. It's amazing that when you have extra space you fill it up! Honestly, most of the stuff that ends up in the basement is not stuff that *I* take down there, but it still needs organizing/decluttering. Other than those two areas, I really need to get some cleaning projects done. I have always tried to live with as little clutter as possible in the main areas of our house. It makes cleaning so much easier!! But the areas that aren't so "main" can get cluttered fast!

Elly said...

Right there with ya!!

Tori said...

Sounds totally doable to me! Hey I may have to join you, although I've been doing alot of decluttering getting ready to move in a few months. I already have some hot spots though!

org junkie said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! 15 minutes is an excellent way to break it down. I'm very impressed! Love that you have your list and are on your way. I'll keep checking back on your progress. Laura

Susan said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies! Fifteen minutes is such a doable amount of time!