Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One Down . . .

I got one thing marked off my decluttering list - the school area bookcases! They look so good that I just keep looking over there! LOL Of course, Andrew's desk is in the way of a clear view, but I've already informed him that tomorrow after school is done he will be working on decluttering his desk . . . and under his desk. I just glanced down there and saw a candy package and a tie. I am not a visual person, obviously, because I didn't notice these things till I looked under his desk on purpose to see if there was any clutter under there. I can literally step over things for days on end and never notice they're there until I stop and look on purpose. How's that for having my head in the clouds?!

So the bookcases are done. It did take more than 15 minutes to do the second one, but it was less than an hour (after two 15-minute sessions, I was almost done, so I didn't set the timer for the third). Does that break a rule? I just know that I didn't want to have to come back to it tomorrow, I wanted to cross something off my list, and it was a mess if I left it at the 15-minute mark. So I finished it to give myself peace of mind. I had plenty of time with nothing else pressing to do.

Today was our first day of school. We had the usual questions about new subjects, but both of my students have been homeschooled for seven years each, and they know exactly what to do. I was thinking yesterday that I miss having little ones to teach their letters and numbers. I always thought it was so exciting to see their eyes light when they finally made the connection! They still make connections, but now the look is more of relief than accomplishment - they're just glad to finally understand so they can get this work done and move on! Maybe someday I can teach some more little ones in some way. I'm not too old to dream about doing new things!

I still have a couple of things to order for the kids' school: a computer course for Andrew and the Training Our Daughters course for Beth. We were kind of waiting on some outside circumstances on those, but now we're more sure how to proceed, so I'll be ordering those tomorrow. Beth seems to be looking forward to Pattern for Living; I saw her looking through it today. I really hope she'll enjoy it. I think we can have a lot of fun with it.

We had a couple of other things going on today that took time on the phone and some consultation between Wes and myself, so my day was really full. One thing ended in disappointment, but the other ended with good news, so I guess they balanced each other out! :) I didn't sleep well last night, so I took a late-afternoon nap. I'm still not feeling quite right. I have my yearly physical next week, so if I'm still not feeling right then, I can talk to my doctor. I've learned, since I was diagnosed with diabetes, that if something doesn't feel quite right, it probably isn't quite right. Sometimes it will resolve itself, but other times you need to check it out. Don't hesitate to do that, by the way! Your health is worth so much to your family as well as yourself!

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