Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Good Thing!

I am tickled to tell you that my dear, sweet husband has blessed me with my own computer once again! The Lord blessed us with a bit extra this month, and Wes was so good to think of me and my desire to have a computer of my own. I didn't need it. But Wes knew I'd love to have my own again. Yes, he spoils me. He's been setting it up for the past couple of days, and tonight I'm happily clicking away at my own desk once again! I'll be able to get online more frequently again, so I will have to continue practicing that self-discipline, but I can also (hopefully) post more to my blogs. Let's hope it remains a good thing!


Tammy said...

Yay for you! :)

Alberta said...

Grace, I can just imagine how happy you must be with your own computer. I remember when my Husband surprised me with my very own electric sewing machine that could also do a zigzag stitch! Up until that time, 1978, I was using the treadle machine left to me from my great grandmother. I was sewing the children's clothing as well as curtains (we were a military family moving ~ 2years or so) etc.Anyone who has ever used a treadle sewing machine can relate to the challenges of getting your foot rhymthm going and the lack of reverse stitching.

org junkie said...

That is fantastic news Susan!