Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Family Night Tonight

Seems like most families who have family nights have them on Friday night. Friday night is Wes' and my date night, so we chose another night. We don't have it every week, but we're planning to tonight. We chose Wednesday for our family night after our church moved its mid-week Bible study to Thursday nights. We were used to going to church on Wednesday night, so we decided we'd make that our family night to keep something going on that night!

Tonight we're planning to play some games. Beth is making brownies, and the boys have walked to the store to get ice cream. I'll probably pop some popcorn (to keep myself from eating the brownies and ice cream). What is it about eating together that makes us feel that every family gathering must involve food? LOL The boys just called from the store; they're looking for some no-sugar-added ice cream for me. Now isn't that sweet of them?! :)

What are some things that your family does together? I'd love to hear your ideas. We usually play a game, which the kids love, but it would be fun to find some other things to do too. Our favorite games are Balderdash, Phase 10, Skipbo, and Uno Attack. I think it would be fun to sing together just for fun, or maybe start a story and each person add a bit to it. With our family, there's no telling what turn that would take! ;) Andrew is known for his goofy humor, and Samuel has a hilarious knack for making up imaginary conversations and sound effects. So give us your ideas - we might just find something new to do that will become a family tradition!


Mary said...

I search the newspaper for coupons once a year.
We got some great buy one admission get one free.
We went to the Zoo & the Butterfly House.

This Saturday, I'm having Mike take our oldest to The Magic House or to Arthur's Picnic In the Park.

I'm going to have some alone time with me & the baby.

Alberta said...

On our family nights, we like to game board games. We switch it up, sometimes Monopoly, rummoli or my favorite, Scrabble!

Anna said...

we like to have a movie with our meal. The boys often ask a couple of times a week if we can do this. As long as it's not a messy meal, I don't mind. Our favorite movie & meals meals are Homemade Pizza and Homemade Oven Baked Chicken Tenders.

Lora K. said...

We don't have a set family night, but one of our favorite family activities is to play Boggle. It's a word game and we have a blast playing it. We laugh tons while we go at it. We do adapt the rules some for younger players so that they don't get discouraged.

Mrs.T said...

The idea of starting a story and taking turns adding to it is a fun one. My son-in-law loves to do this, so on the rare occasion we get together with him and my daughter (they live on the opposite side of the U.S. from us) we always have to do at least one continued story during our time together. Your kids sound like the type that will really get into this!

Another thing we tried for a short while was to take turns honoring a specific family member on family night. We would go around the table and say what was special about that person; they got a special place setting, maybe some little gifts; we tried making acrostics from their name, etc.

Another thing my kids enjoyed was making up a bunch of generic questions (for example -- "If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?" ; "What's your favorite subject in school -- and why?" "What is your best childhood memory?" etc.), writing them on slips of paper and stuffing them in a jar, then on family night we would go around the table and each take turns answering a question. This is lots of fun and gives you some insights into one another's thinking.

Have fun!