Thursday, August 24, 2006

WHERE is the Pepper???

You may have this problem at your house; I don't know. If you have children old enough to help you in the kitchen, say anywhere between the ages of 5 and 25, you probably do have this problem. The problem I'm referring to, which has plagued me for quite a while now, is misplaced everyday items. Drives me nuts. I put the same things in the same place every single day, but do they realize that? No. It’s a terrible problem that surely must plague other mothers on a daily basis. Today's misplaced everyday item: The Pepper.

This is not the pepper that sits in a shaker on the table. That pepper is right in its place. It shakes out little tiny flecks of pepper. No, this is my coarsely ground pepper that I use at the stove. I love this pepper on my eggs. Ever since we moved here 2 years ago, I have kept this type of pepper, along with a box of salt, in the cabinet to the left of the stove, on the bottom shelf, at the front of the shelf, so I can just reach up and grab it. I was making scrambled eggs this morning and reached for my pepper. It wasn't there. This is not uncommon, so I began searching the rest of that shelf - behind the salt and seasoned salt, in the little plastic bin I keep my spice containers in, the shelf above, the other side of the cabinet - but found no pepper.

So I ask, "Has anyone seen the pepper?" One child comes over, looks in, and says, "There it is!" He is pointing to the leftover pepper container that I use to put my garlic spice mixture in to season chicken. I tell him it's not the pepper, but he insists that it is. I take it out and explain what this container is, proving to him - unsuccessfully, I fear - that I am not insane. But then my husband wants to know why in the world I keep an empty pepper container? Maybe I am insane after all. Again, I explain. He doesn't get it (but you do, right?). I looked all over that area of the kitchen, even in the refrigerator, for the pepper. I still haven't found it. I will soon have to mount a search and rescue operation to find my pepper. Or buy a new one. Then it'll show up.


deb said...

Hi Susan, I could identify with your dilemma! We have the small pepper (which is the only one my husband likes), the coarse ground (which my son and I love), and the pepper mill (which is new and which we're all trying to get the hang of)! It's really good and peppery!

But what's so funny is...our dog's name is Pepper, so invariably whenever someone asks for the pepper, some wise guy/girl will say, "She's over in the laundry room!" LOL (I can't say much about that because I think I started that silly thing!! :) )

Susan said...

You guys lead a peppery life, eh?! LOL

Mary said...

My daughter's not 5 until January but yes she likes to "cook" She helsp me stir & loves to take my pots/pans & utensils all over the house & then we trip over them.

I can feel the pain of needing something the dd's got laying who knows where in the house!

Sarah Joy said...

This is why I have to get organized before my children are 5. I only have a few months left, and then it's over.
I feel for you. You sound like my mom. I lost her "pepper" and just about everything else till they gave me to my husband. Now I can lose my own pepper!