Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today's To-Do's

Yesterday I spent most of the day organizing school stuff. We are enrolling our kids in an online academy based in Canada. I'm doing that to give myself more accountability and to offer a wider range of activities for my children. This academy allows the parents to choose the curriculum, and a teacher helps you fill in the gaps with suggested resources. So I faxed and filed lots of papers yesterday. I also got the entire semester planned out for Pattern for Living. It's the only subject I have right now that isn't pre-planned by the curriculum publisher. I actually had fun planning it. I got to use 3 other books I have to supplement PFL, and I have some fun things planned to do with Beth, like getting a color analysis. I'm hoping to find one that we can do together, or maybe have something in our home, where she can invite her friends. Don't you think teenage girls would love playing with colors and clothes?! I think it'll be lots of fun.

So, since I played with school stuff all day yesterday, today I have to work. I need to go grocery shopping and clean our bedroom and ensuite bath. Here it is in list form, so I can strike through each item at the end of the day.

Grocery list
Grocery shopping
Final preparation of kids' lesson for tonight
Read/study Sunday school lesson
Clean/dust bedroom
Clean ensuite bath
Spend 15 minutes organizing walk-in closet

Update: That's ALL I got done today. By the time I got home from shopping and fixed dinner, I was bushed. I took a nap. I didn't take into account the ups and downs of a month. Tomorrow I'll try it again, and hopefully get the rest of today's work done, and some of tomorrow's. See ya tomorrow!

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