Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My To-Do List for Today

Well, I've thought vaguely about what needs to be done the past few days, but I haven't made any lists or plans, so nothing worthwhile has been done. So I thought I'd try putting a list of things I need to do here on my blog, and marking them off this evening after they're done. Kinda sounds like an excuse to get more blogging in, doesn't it?! LOL I'll do it today, and see how it goes. Sometimes I like to see what others are doing during the day to kind of motivate myself to get more done. So here's my list for today:

Update: I got most of everything done that I had planned. Beside each item I'll make a comment about what did/didn't get done and why (if you're interested!).

Clean and dust living room Didn't dust - got everything put in order
Clear off desk Done!
Call homeschool registration office Done!
Fax or mail homeschool registration E-mailed for more information, at their request
Laundry - wash, dry, fold/iron Wes' and my clothes Washed, dried, folded - a little ironing to do - may get done before bedtime
Read, begin to study/plan for Sunday school lesson Done!
Study Thurs. night kids' lesson, prepare any visuals Done!
Water plants Done!

I spent part of the afternoon resolving some tax issues. Being fairly new to Canada, we are still learning how things are done here. Needless to say, anything to do with government (US or Canada) takes time. I spent a good hour just on the tax things!

I also spent some time this evening looking at homeschool forms at Donna Young's Homeschool Printables and Resources - a goldmine of homeschooling goodies!


Stacy said...

Hope you're getting a lot done... I too am working on a big to-do list (but sneaking off to check out menus and blogs instead) :)

Have a great day, love your blog, I'm going to bookmark it and come back and visit again!

Alex said...

That sounds like a big list. I know when I do lessons they sometimes take longer than I have time for. Hope your day when well. I too had a long list and got it mostly done...i'm still working on it!