Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just to Say Howdy . . .

Well, I stayed busy today! Our older son and our daughter each had places to go today, so I took my grocery list with me as I took them to their respective places and stopped by the grocery store on the way home. I really enjoyed going shopping at a leisurely pace. I stopped at the farm market on the way home and got myself some veggies and fruit, which makes it easier to stick with Weight Watchers points (dh and I count points, but we haven't joined WW). While we were at camp, one of the staple foods of many of the meals was carrot sticks, so there was always a bowl of them sitting on the counter. I would walk by and pick one up to nibble on every now and then. One day we had apple slices like that too, and I ate bits of apple all day. So after dinner today I left some sliced cucumbers and carrots sitting on the counter. It worked! I'd pass by and pick up a carrot stick or slice of cucumber, knowing they were free points and I didn't have to worry about eating them.

We had supper at lunchtime again today. Actually, we ate at 2:00, and Wes liked it that way. So we're going to try eating our main meal of the day between 1:00 and 2:00 every day that we can. I had a snack of milk and some grapes before church, then a bit of salad after church (and I finished off those cucumbers!). Wes had a bowl of popcorn, Beth had a hot dog before church, and Samuel and Andrew aren't feeling very well, so they didn't eat much at all this evening (just a chest cold, I think). So it's worked well for 2 days now.

About our house situation . . . there really isn't a situation! I asked the realtor about the square footage and a couple of other things of the little house I saw online, and it's already been rented. I knew it would go fast; it was a very nice house for that price. As I said before, we aren't seriously looking for another house. Due to the strength of the Canadian dollar and the fact that our funds are in US dollars, we could stand to pay less rent. Until we find something that's in just as good or better condition as what we have now, for less money, we are staying put. Neither of us is fond of packing and moving, nor are we anxious to start over with a new landlord and neighbors - we're in a good situation.

My husband and boys have tickets to a pro football game tomorrow night, given to us by friends who have season tickets. They're out of town this week and didn't want to waste the tickets, so they gave them to us. Hopefully everyone will feel good tomorrow and be able to go! Beth and I will do something here . . . hmm, haven't really thought about what. I'll ask her tomorrow what she'd like to do.

I want to tell you about some homemaking blogs I've discovered in the past couple of days. There are so many good ones out there! I need more hours in my day to be able to read them all! I'll post on those tomorrow. Have a great day!

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