Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If You Had to Choose

If you had to choose between a larger home that was a bit older, but still in good shape, and a renovated home that is a little smaller, which one do you think you would choose?

The reason I ask is that we have been casually looking for another place to rent that is less expensive than where we are now. The town we live in is notoriously expensive, and we live in one of the least expensive, but still decent, houses we found when we moved here. It's a nice house: 4 bedroom (one of which is used for a home office), 1 full bath and 2 half baths, laundry area, medium-sized kitchen with an eating area attached, carpet in all the living areas and tile in the baths, kitchen, and entry. It's an older townhouse, built before dishwashers were common in homes, in a quiet apartment complex. We live in the front of the complex, so we don't face any neighbours; I have a clear view out my dining area window. This house is far larger than the one we had in Ft. Worth. We enjoy living in it, but it's expensive. So we thought we'd look for a cheaper place to live, hopefully a single-family dwelling.

The problem with single-family dwellings here is that they are even more expensive than the townhouse we live in - like at least $300 a month more expensive. We looked at one house just up the street from where we live. The price was $200 less than we pay, but the house was horrible - the stove was ancient and the grease of many years was actually bubbled up on the vent fan hood. The fridge was old and dirty and the same size as the one we have now - apartment sized. The cabinets were burnt orange (I've had burnt orange countertops before!). The bathrooms were filthy, with outdated fixtures and colors, and the whole house stank. Like animals had been allowed to roam freely. For only $200 less, we'll stay where we are.

Today I saw a house that is almost $200 less than we pay now, that is newly renovated, with a brand new kitchen. The appliances are new, full-sized, and clean. The countertops and floor are beautiful. The floors in the rest of the house are wood - no carpet (I like carpet, but it's not something that would be a selling point with me). The whole house is very clean. It's small though. Three bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths. From the pictures, the living room looks small, and there doesn't seem to be any separate area for a home office, which Wes needs, being a pastor. If we were to pursue this house, we would have to downsize majorly. Also, a common thing here is to split a house between tenants. Many houses have a basement suite with one or two bedrooms, and another family/person will rent the suite. This house is like that. So we would still have neighbors in close proximity.

So my question - nice, larger place, more money, already settled in; or really nice, smaller place, less money, and have to move? Of course, none of this makes any difference! LOL I'm just trying to weigh my options!


Deb said...

My humble opinion ~ I believe I'd stay where I was already settled in and forego the move. The extra 1/2 bath and extra bedroom for an office plus not being jammed up beside someone else and their possible loud music would be major selling points...even though it is more money.

Susan, I'll be thinking about y'all's decision and praying that you'll pick the best thing.

Susan said...

Thanks, Deb! I very seriously doubt we'll move for a very long time. If/When we do, it will probably be to a smaller place, though, because there is just nothing - and I do mean nothing - the size we're living in now for the price we're paying.

As for being squished up with neighbors and their music - we've been there, done that in this house! It's been a battle at times, but we finally came to a peaceful understanding with our neighbors. Now if we could just get them to quit smoking on their patio! It comes right into our windows, usually at night as we're going to bed!

Tammy said...

Oooh, I hate moving so much! I'm sure you would like to save the extra money though. Praying for you!

Mary said...

I agree with deb!

Happymama said...

Ohhh, I'd have to move if nothing else because of the smoke. LOL But as far as saying which I think you should choose, that's a tough one. I think you should just pray that whatever the Lord has for you, the door will be opened and obvious. And if it's not His will for something, that a door won't even be an option. :) Happy hunting. LOL