Friday, August 18, 2006

Getting Ready for School

Well, it's that time of year again! There's a commercial up here that has the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." It's for the Easy Button - what is that, Staples? Anyway, the inference is that the most wonderful time of the year is when the children go back to school. Which is really sad to me. The best time of the year is when your children go back to school? Now, I'm not criticizing people sending their children to school, not at all. Homeschooling is not for everyone. But I just think it's sad to rejoice that your children will be gone most of the day. Now I'll step down off my soapbox and tell you what we're doing for school this year! And it is an exciting time!

For the first time in 9 years, I only have 2 children to plan school for. That was sobering! LOL Over the past 5 years we were traveling, moving, and settling into a new country and starting a church. We've basically had get-the-basics-done school. But now I want more. We'll never be the mural-painting, musical, extraordinarily gifted, scientific experiments abounding type of family - you know, the Super Schoolers - but I want them to do more than just the requisite 3 R's and be done with school. I want those assigned projects done, and done on time. I want them to take some time for PE. I want some of the fine arts sprinkled in (we are not artsy folks, but I want my kids to appreciate the arts). I want them to learn some applied skills - homemaking, building, sewing, cooking. So we will be taking the time to do more of these things this year.

Beth will be using Switched-On Schoolhouse for Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science; Saxon 87 for Math; and the Proverbs course from Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum for Bible. I'll be ordering Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home, and we'll work through one year of that this year. This program contains 6 years of curriculum, so I'll use it every year till she graduates. I've wanted to use this since she was a tiny girl and I saw it for the first time! Now I have the green light from Wes to go ahead! Yay! Beth will once again take piano lessons, and I plan to have her perform offertories at church a little more often, and maybe we can work up a duet for Christmas. We're also going to check out what the local rec centres are offering in the way of classes for girls her age; she has been interested in the babysitting course for over a year. In addition to all those things, I'll continue having her help me around the house. I believe she could probably run the place if she had to, already! She is so much more "with it" than I was at her age, and I praise the Lord for it. It took me years to learn to keep a home, and I'm still learning. She's my right hand around here.

Andrew is going into grade 10. He did great last year in his first year of high school. He took a course that Dreamweaver offers, and learned a lot from that, and Wes wants him to continue to learn computer stuff. He's really good at it, and learns quickly. His regular school subjects will be Language Arts and Social Studies through SOS; Math with Saxon Algebra 1; and Science with Alpha Omega LifePacs. He's been pretty frustrated with doing Science on the computer. We both think he'll do better with the hands-on approach for Science. He did better at math once we switched to Saxon. For Bible, Wes is having him do a study on Christian character with the book Character by Jeff Owens. When Wes was principal of our church's Christian school, he wrote a study guide for that book. Andrew will be doing that study guide alongside the book. His first-semester elective will be Health, through SOS. We haven't decided on his second-semester elective yet.

We're starting on September 5th. All the schools here, public and private, start the day after Labor Day, and run till mid-June. I like that schedule, because we're not starting while summer is still in full swing, and we finish later, just as summer starts. It's the same amount of time as in the US, but it feels different! So that's our plan for this year. I'll mention what we're doing from time to time throughout the year.


Tammy said...

I have always wanted that Training our Daughters book, since I was in high school, I think! It looks like such a great book! I hope you enjoy using it!

Sarah Joy said...

I'm going to need a course for "woman skills". I want to get it for myself!!

Mary said...

Oh September 5th is when my daughter starts pre school! I can't wait - although I'm frightened for her!

She's always been at home and she needs the socialization.