Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Getting Back into the Groove

Susan's got her groove back! LOL Not really . . . we went today for our stock-up grocery run. We were down to almost nothing in the pantry, so we had to go shopping. We go for a large shopping trip about every 4-6 weeks and stock up on canned goods, baking supplies, cereal, and some snack foods, and all we have to buy on our weekly trips to the store are fresh things like milk and bread. I love doing it!

I spent a lot of time yesterday making the month-long menu and grocery list. For the menu, I just fill in my main dish for each day of the month, then add the sides for each meal on my weekly menus. I've made menus for 20 years now, and I just can't function without them; I either buy too much or not enough without a menu and grocery list. I also helped my husband with some church office work yesterday, which has to be done once a month. I enjoy getting to help him and take a little of the load off for him. The kids pitch in some too. Our ministry is a family affair!

Tomorrow I'm going to have to clean out and rearrange the fridge and freezer. I've just been shoving things in and closing the door real fast! LOL I'll also work on getting the laundry back on schedule tomorrow. Since we got home from camp, it's been easiest just to wash a quick load or two here and there. We're in serious need of having all the laundry done and put away to get ourselves back on track.

I hope you're having a good week. Is anyone's weather cooling off? We've cooled down some, but it's still plenty warm. Today was overcast and rainy, making our temps cooler, but by the weekend it should be warm again. See ya later!

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