Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another Book I Want to Use

I've been looking through another book I want to use this year for Beth. It's Pattern For Living by Marlene Evans (scroll down the page to find price info for this book). I've decided I'm going to use this book for the first semester this year, and possibly begin the Training Our Daughters book during the same semester. Pattern for Living is a character development book for teen girls. The unit titles are Pattern for Attitudes, Pattern for Appearance, and Pattern for Actions. Each chapter within each unit contains worksheets to help the student apply what she has learned in that chapter. It also includes some self-tests to evaluate such things as personal cleanliness and self-esteem (the proper kind), and there are checlists for things like essential wardrobe items, hygiene items, first aid items. Each unit also has Scripture memory included.

I'm going to have Beth make a notebook, decorate it, and keep her worksheets in it. She's very feminine, but not frilly, so I'm interested to see how she will incorporate some of the more fluffy ideas! ;) I'm looking forward to it!


Tammy said...

Great book! I have it and have used it to base Sunday school lessons (to teen girls) on. Have fun with it!

Tori said...

I've seen this and thought about getting it several times but with my daughter only just turning 9 I didn't get it. I may soon though. love anything from Marlene Evans or any of the crowd up there at First Baptist.
Thanks for the heads up on this!

Anonymous said...

Susan, I love the books you are highlighting. I know you are in BC, I'm in does the duty and other tax work when ordering from the US? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


ps - loved your recipe for self raising flour!

Susan said...

Hi, Molly! I'm glad to see another Canadian here!

I'm not super sure how the duties work. There have been times that we have ordered books or church supplies and there has been no duty, then other times they've charged a lot! There really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I do know one thing - do not allow any shipper to ship through UPS (United Parcel Service - the brown trucks). UPS charges an agent fee, and it's outrageous. We always make sure it's coming through USPS (United States Postal Service - regular mail) or through Fed Ex.

Sorry I'm not much help. We just haven't had any definite patterns as far as duty goes. We never know when it's charged till the delivery person is at the door asking for duty charges!