Saturday, July 01, 2006

Setting Goals

It's been a long time since I set any goals for myself. Since we got home from Texas, I've basically taken each day as it's come, and that has gotten a lot of nothing accomplished! As I've been thinking this past week about getting back into my routines, I've realized I need to set some homemaking goals for myself. Goals need to be measurable and have a definite timeframe for accomplishment. Otherwise, you're just working toward something vague. My list for this month will be fairly short, because I'm scheduled to work at church camp this year for at least one week, possibly two. I want to start working toward these goals today - a new beginning!

Goals for July

1. Reorganize kitchen cabinets
2. Completely empty fridge and freezer, clean thoroughly
3. Declutter walk-in closet
4. Donate unneeded clothes to charity
5. Clean mildew from bathroom tub, ceiling, and walls


Tori said...

That list doesn't sound too overwhelming. I bet you'll get it done and then some. Have fun at camp.

Mary said...

Oh, I wish I could really clean my house.
Looks like a pig sty & no one will help me.
I do what I can (I'm 7 months pregnant) but, it's all piling up so quickly!

Hope that doesn't sound too much like a whine (LOL!)

Susan said...

Tori, you haven't seen my walk-in closet, have you?! ;)

Mary, I didn't know you were expecting a baby! Congratulations! You didn't whine; you stated a fact. Make yourself a simple routine and stick to it - and ask someone to help. Even just a few minutes a day will keep some order, and after baby comes and you recover, you can work a little more in-depth. I'm so glad you told us you're expecting! :)