Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Night Recap

This week has been a good one. I feel like I've gotten back into my routines pretty well, and I've been tweaking them in my mind all week. I need to get the tweaks on paper, though, so I can see how they're going to work out. I plan to keep going to bed earlier for this coming week, and see if I can continue to establish my early-morning habit. I'd love to just give in and be a night owl, but I love early mornings, too, where I can feel I've accomplished a few things before the day wears away!

I picked up a little organizing bin through Freecycle today. It looks similar to this one from Ikea (mine has the 3 small drawers on top, 2 medium in the middle, and one long one on the bottom), and was full of little bits and pieces of craft items, much of which I decided to pass along to someone else, but some of which I found useful for cardmaking. I emptied the drawers and put my office stuff in them. The desk I use is really Wes's, and we've been trying to sell it for months now because we don't need it anymore. So I tried putting all the stuff I had in the desk drawers in those plastic shoe boxes. Not good. It was just all crammed in there. So this little bin is perfect to use as desk drawers for little office things. And free ain't too bad!

I'm off now to finish getting the Sunday school lesson and activities ready for tomorrow. I feel so much more calm now that I've re-established my morning and evening routines. Next week I hope to begin putting some cleaning routines back in place, and adding some more work in different areas of my house. I also want to make some headway on those goals I set last week. Have a great weekend!


Tori said...

How cute, I like it and your right free "aint" bad.

I love IKEA and half my furniture comes from there. We travel to Austria to buy furniture, it's much cheaper.

Wish we had Freecycle here. That sounds pretty cool.

Susan said...

We bought a bed and night tables for our room at Ikea, and I like them. Our dining room chairs also came from Ikea. We'd never heard of it till we came here. I like their more country, traditional looking furniture, and I could browse their kitchen gadgets ALL day long! I use their skirt hangers too - love those!

His Grace Abounds said...

Really good series this week Susan. Thanks.