Friday, July 07, 2006

On Being a Night Owl

Here's a cute article from Rachel of The View From My Fishbowl, confirming that she's a night owl. Since we've been talking about the struggle to get to bed early and rise early, I thought it appropriate to share here. She even includes a website for Night Owls, complete with a Night Owl quiz and free membership! ;)

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Mrs.B. said...

"-Night owls generally enjoy being night owls, but they secretly envy their early bird friends. Some people seem to get so much done in the mornings, and I'm still not out of the shower!"

I could so relate to this one!

What a pretty site she has.

Tori said...

So funny Susan, I just came from her place. I am a reformed night owl so I can vouch that all her statements are true. *Ü*

I actually really love being an early bird now, with my years adding up and my 24 hours a day shrinking, I need a bit more time to waste during the day. *Ü*

Mrs.B. said...

That's so true seems so long when you're young. And now's seeming quite short. I mean summer is half over already!