Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kitchen - Day 3

I have been way unmotivated today. I don't know why. It could be the rain, I guess, but I get used to that in the winter and go on about my days. Anyway, I didn't get anything much done till mid-afternoon. That's when I went into the kitchen and started cleaning the refrigerator. It wasn't bad, but I took everything out, washed all the shelves and the two bins, wiped down all the interior surfaces, and put it all back in - minus the things that needed to come out, that is. I also cleaned the freezer. I am amazed at how good it looks!

After supper I washed the countertops with a bleach cleaner. I messed up on the first one. I drizzled the cleaner on the counter, then came back with the scrubber sponge. Now I have drizzle marks on my counter where the bleach worked extra good while I was getting the sponge! I can't get them off! Well, I learned from that and put the cleaner on the sponge for the other two counters. So don't drizzle bleach cleaner on your counter and let it set for even two seconds!

I didn't go to the grocery store today. Why? For no other reason than I didn't want to. I don't use that reason real often, but I pulled it out today. I never want to go grocery shopping! I will go first thing tomorrow morning.

I'll probably mop my kitchen floor tomorrow and do some decluttering and rearranging in my utility closet on Friday. Over the several months of use, it's gotten cluttered again, to the point that I have to stand back from the shelf and reach for whatever food I want. I need to work on the kitchen cabinets a bit too. I keep forgetting about them. There's always something to keep a person busy; you just have to go looking for it sometimes.

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