Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kitchen - Day 2

Since Beth and I went shopping today, I didn't get a lot done in the kitchen, and I didn't get it done this morning. Life happened at our house this morning, the kind of life that happens when you know you need to get out the door - nothing major, just those little inconveniences that keep you learning patience. I had planned to work in the kitchen a little before we left, but it just didn't happen.

When we got home, I decided to do what I could while supper cooked. I managed to get the cabinet fronts wiped down with spray cleaner and a rag. It's not much, but it's a baby step toward the whole kitchen being cleaned! Every little bit counts!

Tomorrow I plan to do my grocery shopping, clean out the fridge and wipe down the inside, and clean at least the counter on the bar. I noticed today that I could tell where I cleaned around the edge of the sink yesterday. My counters are a beigey-off-white color, and it's hard to tell when they need a real cleaning, unless it's a tea stain or something dark like that. When I cleaned the edge of the sink yesterday, it left that area a brighter beige than the rest of the counter - like when a guy gets a haircut after a tan?! LOL So at least that counter needs to be cleaned tomorrow. Keep in mind that these are my plans; I'll give it a good effort, but won't fret if they don't get completely done.

I really have to put some time into studying and preparing Sunday school and mid-week lesson plans tomorrow. This is something that I've found hard to do. These are quiet activities, but they take some mental effort to do well, and then some physical effort to cut out craft pieces, gather and prepare visual aids, and bring together all the components of the lessons and activities into one cohesive class session. I also have, at the most, 4 students in any one session. Smaller classes take more work, I think, because you have to plan games around a small group while most games are for large groups. In a small group, you're also more likely to have a wide age range, and I do: I have children from grade 2 through grade 6. The class content has to hold the interest of the 6th grader while being simple enough for the 2nd grader, and be exciting for everyone. So it takes time and planning just as it does with a large class.

Enough of my rambling for tonight. I'm tired from all the running today, so I should go to bed and rest a bit. See you tomorrow!

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